Health-Monitoring App Turns Vital Signs Into Personalized Music

Health-Monitoring App Turns Vital Signs Into Personalized Music

Stay healthy and overcome illnesses with this new form of adaptive media.

Ross Brooks
  • 8 august 2013

BioBeats is a startup that converts your vital signs into custom-tailored music to keep you meditating, running or fighting a disease – a unique combination of the health-tracking and entertainment industries.

This is founder Nadeem Kassam’s second venture in a short space of time, and he has received $650,000 seed funding from actor Will Smith, music manager Scooter Braun, and angel investor Kevin Colleran. Basis was his first venture, a company that produces countless different ways to monitor your health, which took eight years and $20 million of funding to create.

Kassam has no plans to play favorites with his own companies, BioBeats will be device-agnostic, making it accessible to any device that can monitor your health.


Kassam’s now co-founder David Plans is the inspiration behind the company. He nearly died from a stress-related illnes and felt that it was time to help people get more in tune with their own bodies to overcome all sorts of problems.

The idea is simple, give people encouragement to stay engaged with their wellness regimens. By collection people’s vital information and working alongside musicians to create “adaptive media” – media that reacts in real time to the body’s environment and vital signs – the pair hope to help people stay healthy, or beat an illness they are currently dealing with.

Potential applications include slowing down a song if your heart-rate gets too high while running, or preventing yourself from falling asleep during meditation.


BioBeats already has one product, Pulse, which involves holding your finger over the iPhone camera so it can detect your heartbeat choose an appropriate genre for your current activity level. Soon it will also release BioMuse, which builds whole playlists of songs based on your body’s signals.

While it’s not a sure thing that BioBeats will be truly adaptive, there are a lot of possibilities based on this technology being successful.


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