Phone Snapshots Converted Into Emoji Mosaics

Phone Snapshots Converted Into Emoji Mosaics

The Emoji app lets users transform their pictures into ASCII-style art.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 august 2013

Emojify is an app that turns your camera photos into an emoji collage or mosaic.

Created by Singapore-based developer Voidworks, the app allows users to select random photos from their image library or take new photos and turn them into an ASCII-style image composed of emoji, which is the Japanese term for ideograms and emoticons.

Users can customize their emoji art by changing the number of icons used or changing the contrast of the algorithm used. They can also share their new emoji image on their social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, or email. The app also allows users to export their images in high-resolutions of up to 16 MB so they can print them out as posters.

The app is currently available on iTunes for $0.99.



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