Pinball Game Generates Poems From News Headlines [Video]

Pinball Game Generates Poems From News Headlines [Video]
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Word-smithing is as easy as playing the classic arcade game using this interactive display.

Ross Brooks
  • 15 august 2013

Plinko Poetry is an interactive installation that sources headlines from the Twitter feeds of @nytimes and @FoxNews to create a constantly evolving piece of poetry.

The trending poetry machine was created by Inessah Selditz and Deqing Sun, two Master’s students currently enrolled on NYUs Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Plinko uses a combination of Python and Processing to scrape and display alternate scrolling lines of current tweets from the New York Times and Fox News – the raw material for the machine’s poetry.

Users then insert a circular plastic coin into the the machine – which activates pegs that it comes into contact with, highlighting the word below, and blacks out those that it doesn’t.


The system then uses openFrameworks camera color tracking to determine which pegs have been activated – resulting in a line of poetry that is live tweeted to @PlinkoPoetry.

See this effortless way to create intriguing poetry in the video below:

Plinko Poetry

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