Experimental Film Transforms GPS Data Into Pixelated Landscapes [Video]

Experimental Film Transforms GPS Data Into Pixelated Landscapes [Video]

Here Be Dragons by Will Gowland looks at our reliance on the navigational system.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 august 2013

Architect, animator and design interaction junkie Will Gowland created an experimental film that delves into the reliability of GPS and questions the dependency of people on the navigational system.

The film, titled Here Be Dragons, was completed and published last year, but was featured recently on the German site Nerdcore, and got picked up by The Verge. According to the post on The Verge, the film was “the culmination of a years worth of research and interest.”

Gowland took actual live streaming GPS data from Bedford Square in London and ran it through a script. In effect what he did was jam the GPS data and create different pixelated landscapes that are both based on actual and virtual worlds.

Some are landscapes of misdirection, others are navigational markers guiding one safely through unstable terrain. We now put our faith in a digital territory that is just as unknown and fallible as the physical.



Check out the film below.

Will Gowland

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