Polish Musical Brings 3D Tech To The World Of Theater

Polish Musical Brings 3D Tech To The World Of Theater
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Fusing immersive CG graphics and live action, an innovative show prepares its journey from Poland into the US market.

Plus Aziz
  • 13 august 2013

Warsaw-based VFX studio, PLATIGE Image created a first-of-its-kind 3D theater experience which spotlights the golden age of silent movies with highly advanced visual technology. In the musical Polita, live action is integrated into expansive 3-dimensional CG backdrops that stunned audiences in Poland in the way it combined Broadway theatrics and 3D work. TRUST Collective quoted Managing Director Julian Cade: “Polita required months of painstaking experimentation and trial-and-error – after all, no one had ever done something like this before.” The work tells the story of Pola Negri, the first Polish actress to be invited to Hollywood and succeeded in becoming a superstar during the silent film era. Polita is Directed and produced by Janusz Józefowicz, who worked to integrate stereoscopy (i.e. 3D imaging) with traditional live acting.

The resulting play came to be a hit in Poland and filled a venue that seated up to 2000 people. Platige Image is currently in talks to bring the  same technology to an entirely new production in NYC. Watch the movie below to get a peak at the show they put together.


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