Pop-Art Collages Call On New Yorkers To Recycle More [Pics]

Pop-Art Collages Call On New Yorkers To Recycle More [Pics]

A multi-channel public education program in NYC encourages residents to follows the three Rs.

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  • 9 august 2013

Mayor Bloomberg unveiled a new public education campaign to motivate New Yorkers to recycle as much as possible. As the city’s recycling program receives its largest expansion in 25 years, advertising agency Grey New York created Recycle Everything, a campaign featuring a collage of key recyclable items (bottles, cans, magazines) covered in big brands’ logos. The campaign will introduce some advanced recycling techniques such as residential food composting, electronics recycling, and rigid plastics.

The bigger story here is that government, brands, and major players in media all came together to make the campaign in a cost-effective manner. According to Creativity Online:

Brands from Chobani to PepsiCo to Energizer to Seventh Generation granted the use of their logos in the ads, and media properties like the New York Post, New York Magazine, Time Out and Better Homes and Gardens partnered with the ads. The posters will appear outdoors and in newspapers

In the press conference video below, the mayor asserts that the city will double its recycling rate to 30% by 2017 across the five boroughs and also outlines the mayor’s plan to increase investment in organic food.

Office of the Mayor

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