Pop-Culture Icons Melted Down Into Necklaces [Pics]

Pop-Culture Icons Melted Down Into Necklaces [Pics]
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Designer Victor-John Villanueva creates portrait neckwear using perler beads.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 2 august 2013

Designer Victor-John Villanueva has come up with a fun way to incorporate the popular perler beads into street fashion.

The designer behind 3PTPOP has created a series of large portrait neck jewelry made entirely of fusible beads and resin and attached to silver chains. The pieces feature famous celebrities like Andy Warhol, Lady Gaga, Pharrel, Nikki Minaj, and more.


Villanueva starts his creative work by first selecting the figure he wants to re-create and pixelating the image on his computer. He uses the pixelated image as his basis for fusing the perler beads together. He then coats the completed piece in resin to preserve it before attaching it to a silver chain.

Check out some of his portrait neckwear pieces below.




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