Popular Characters “Drawn” With LEGO Bricks [Pics]

Popular Characters “Drawn” With LEGO Bricks [Pics]

Designer creates custom "sketches" using computer-aided design.

Ross Brooks
  • 5 august 2013

Chris McVeigh is an author, illustrator, and photographer that has brought characters from Star Wars, Transformers, and Futurama to life using nothing but LEGO – proving the seemingly endless possibilities the building blocks have to offer.

The artist uses Digital Designer – a free consumer CAD tool – to bring his pieces to life.

McVeigh told Mashable that he was inspired after a friend decided to start creating 4×6 marker sketches of popular characters. Putting his own twist on the idea, McVeigh sketched Wolverine using LEGO pieces in place of pen.


After posting the “sketch” on his social media account, he was overwhelmed by the amount of feedback and praise that he received. This pushed him to create more sketches and challenge himself with a variety of different characters.

You can see some of them for yourself below:

Chris McVeigh

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