3D-Printed Sunglasses Tailor-Made For Wearer’s Face [Video]

3D-Printed Sunglasses Tailor-Made For Wearer’s Face [Video]

Protos Eyewear are customized based on the user’s facial measurements and dimensions.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 13 august 2013

Protos is a line of consumer-grade eyewear that are 3D printed based on the measurements of the user.

Founded in 2011 by Marc Levinson, John Maurlello, Doug Ponciano and Richart Ruddle, the company uses 3D printing technology – from 3D scanning and laser sintering to parametric 3D modeling – to create eyeglasses that are tailored to the wearer’s facial measurements and dimensions. Most eyewear companies manufacture large quantities of their products are therefore unable to create pieces that are customized to each user.



Protos eyewear will be available in 24 models, made possible by a special layering technique.

Protos launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to develop a web interface that will help streamline the process for custom fitting the glasses.

Check out the gallery and the video clips below for more about Protos and the custom fitting process the company uses.


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