Magazine Designed To Recreate A Psychedelic Drug Trip

Magazine Designed To Recreate A Psychedelic Drug Trip
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Magazine's editorial design provides an immersive and interactive reading experience by mimicing a psychedelic experience.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 7 august 2013

Several artists have tried to capture psychedelic experiences in their paintings and several musicians have sung about their own visions under drugs. Similarly, German designer, Nick Schmidt has created Trigger magazine that mimics the visuals of a psychedelic experience.

The magazine explores the sub cultures and art movement that was fostered by the use of psychoactive drugs. The text spirals and snakes across the pages, the colors are vivid and the images are stark against the background of confusion. The reading of the magazine feels like going through the maze of a mind under the influence of psychoactive drugs! In today’s world where fewer people are buying magazines, a truly interactive and immersive magazine like the Trigger might just be the way to sell a magazine reading experience.

Trigger was created as a project in Fachhochschule Düsseldorf by Schmidt and it pays an ode to this culture that has produced so many great pieces of art like Richard Avedon’s photos of the Beatles.

Check out some of the images below!

Nick Schmidt


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