Laptop Bag Keeps Electronic Data Safe

Laptop Bag Keeps Electronic Data Safe

Accessories line features software that keeps personal information secure from unwanted eyes.

Laura Chase
  • 9 august 2013

Users of computers and smartphones leave technological fingerprints wherever they go and companies are lapping up the data. Privacy is a worrisome matter in the digital world and it is increasingly important to keep track of what we share about our lives with other people.

Das Keyboard has developed a bag line that features Hackshield technology that prevents your information from filtering out. Even if your smartphone or computer is asleep there are certain tasks happening in the background. HackShield blocks electronics from transmitting data to and from the cloud, keeping an individual’s geographical location from being traced without the user’s knowledge. HackShield Backpack is a impenetrable data fortress that protects your gear from both physical harm and digital assault. Lined with a unique Radio Frequency (RF) blocking material, HackShield media compartments prevent wireless infiltration of laptops, tablets and smartphones. Das Keyboard is releasing a backpack, a messenger bag and an additional wallet to protect phone and/or credit cards.


See how the bag functions in the video below:

Images by Das Keyboard

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