Building A More Adaptive Home [Future Of Home Living]

Building A More Adaptive Home [Future Of Home Living]

PSFK Labs examines how designers are making living spaces that mold to your lifestyle.

  • 11 august 2013

In a trend from our Future of Home Living report we’re calling Reconfigurable Furniture, PSFK Labs examines adaptive interior solutions that can be reconfigured on demand in ways that provide more functionality within less space. Susan Szenasy, editor-in-chief of architecture magazine Metropolis, identifies the exciting potential of such furniture: “The idea of creating space that is just right for you is pretty exciting to think about. When reconfigurable flat-pack modules are used to create personal space – not some bland, utilitarian boxes that we associated with prefab – then we’ll be seeing some very interesting living spaces developing.”


The D*Table is a flexible and adaptable low coffee table resembling a 3D puzzle that can be configured into eight different storage and table arrangements. Created by The D*Haus Company, the table is composed of four components that are connected via removable hinges that can be used separately or rearranged to form the shape of the desired table. It also has features like a hole to set a plant in, drawers for storage, and slots to rest items like books. The concept is based on mathematician Henry Ernest Dudeney’s discovery that you could turn a perfect square into a perfect equilateral triangle just by dissecting the square into four unique shapes and rearranging them. Using this formula, the D*Table works to create an efficiently adaptable table.


Fusillo is a modular wall shelf that can be reconfigured on-demand to meet a variety of use cases and needs ranging from a standard bookshelf to a coat rack or bike rack. Handmade in Italy and designed by andViceVersa, Fusillo resembles a standard shelving unit, but is comprised of smaller sections that pivot on a central axis and can be moved up and down to be used as bookends or hooks. Each flexible section of the shelf has a notch carved into it that can hold a coat, hat or even a bike.


Reconfigurable furniture solutions such as the D*Table and the Fusillo wall shelf fall under a larger theme we’re calling Adaptive, which examines how customizable solutions for the home are being designed to accommodate a wider range of needs throughout the day and week, bringing greater functionality and flexibility to urban lifestyles.

The D*Haus CompanyD*Table


PSFK has announced the latest in a series of trend reports. Following studies into retailsocial mediagamingwork and mobile, the PSFK Labs consulting team have generated the Future of Home Living report. That report manifests as a free summary presentation, an in-depth downloadable PDF and an exhibition in New York City that runs to August 16.

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