Kapture is a new type of wearable device that lets people preserve the audio moments in life that are difficult to keep.

In our sharing social media world, people tend to document and share many aspects of their lives, and following the rise in wearable tech such as Google Glass, that is only becoming easier and more prevalent. Up until now, audio was an intangible element of everyday life that seemed out of reach, but a new wearable device, Kapture, enables people to record all the sound them around them for playback later.

Kapture is a wristband that is always on, similar to the wearable camera Autographer which automatically takes pictures throughout the day. Kapture is constantly listening in on conversations, but it will only save the next 60 seconds after the wearer taps it. The audio can then be shared or uploaded to edit later. Kapture COO Matthew Dooley writes in a blog post:

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