Shower Head Glows Red When People Use Too Much Water [Video]

Shower Head Glows Red When People Use Too Much Water [Video]

Uji has a green-colored light at the start of your shower but switches to red when you are using an excessive amount of water.

Emma Hutchings
  • 28 august 2013

Uji is a shower head that glows green from the beginning of your shower, but switches to red when you’re taking too long (and using excessive amounts of water). The presence of the colored light subconsciously reminds users to keep their showers shorter.

Uji was created by Tufts University graduates Brett Adler, Sam Woolf and Tyler Wilson. After around seven minutes of showering, it gradually changes from green to red to subtley prompt you to get out.

Shower Head Glows Red When You Take Too Long [Video]

After running a 6 month long, IRB-approved research study, it has been determined that the Uji showerhead shortens the average shower time by 12%. Priced at around $50, it will pay for itself in energy and water savings after only 7 months of use. After this, the shower head will save users about $85/year installed.

Digital Trends reports that the Department of Energy and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have offered grants for the team to develop and test the Uji, which they hope to release early next year. You can check out the Uji demo video below:


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