Redesigned Boarding Pass Eases Headaches For Travelers And Airlines [Pics]

Redesigned Boarding Pass Eases Headaches For Travelers And Airlines [Pics]

Chronological information and improved branding are all part of this new concept.

Ross Brooks
  • 30 august 2013

 is a designer who instead of just complaining about how terrible the design is for boarding passes, wanted to try and suggest a few solutions to make life easier for everyone who has to look at them.

Some of the challenges he took into consideration were the basic printers in use by most airports and airline counters, cost, and the flexibility of content that has to go each boarding pass – such as a really long surname.

The approach that Adam took when designing the new passes was to organize information by how important it was, and also in what order it what most relevant.

For example, he didn’t want the design to tell you your seat number before you needed to know what it was. Other pieces of information such as boarding time, what gate, and departure time – in that order – should all come first.


Clearer icons for establishing where your seat is located are another aspect that Adam that adam tried to improve on. Actually using graphics, instead of just letters and numbers was one simple, but powerful suggestion.

What could be considered a stroke of genius is also the idea of a halfway-fold. Taking out your boarding pass only to discover the stub is hanging by a thread, or has already fallen off, is a common occurrence for anyone who has travelled via air. Check out the new pass in detail below.

Boarding Pass Redesign

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