A Concept Car That Prints And Assembles Itself [Pics]

A Concept Car That Prints And Assembles Itself [Pics]

The Genesis concept by Nir Siegel is a 3D-printed self-building car.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 20 august 2013

Everyday we see more and more of the imagined uses of 3D printing. It’s a fascinating technology that holds a lot of possibilities and the list of how it can potentially impact the work in various industries just keeps growing.

Nir Siegel, a graduate of vehicle design at the Royal College of Art in London, adds to that list with his concept car, Genesis. Genesis is not just a 3D printed car; it’s a car that will 3D-print itself.


Following Siegel’s concept, it would mean that interested car buyers will simply order the specialized 3D printer and it will print a car around itself at the buyer’s home. The self-assembling car will be printed based on the specifications of the buyer.

Siegel’s Genesis concept won him the award for Best Design Interpretation at this year’s Pilkington Vehicle Design Awards at the Royal College of Art graduate exhibition.



Nir Siegel

Images by Nir Siegel

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