Mattress Sensor Monitors Vitals During Sleep

Mattress Sensor Monitors Vitals During Sleep

Beddit is a sensor and an accompanying app, that analyzes quality of sleep and offers tips on how to sleep easier and deeper.

Daniela Walker
  • 13 august 2013

Beddit is a thin sensor that straps to your mattress, undetectable beneath your sheets, and analyzes your heart rate and breathing patterns to determine your quality of sleep. While the company launched in 2006,  it is only now making its product available to everyday consumers. After years of tweaking, the company has created a sleep-tracking device that would be effective while also available at a reasonable price point.


The Beddit sensor is connected to an app via Bluetooth and can monitor all your sleeping habits to assess your quality of sleep. The sensor measures a person’s heart rate, breathing, rhythm and movement whilst they sleep as well as tracking how many times they get up in the night and whether they snore. The app has a coach that can make recommendations based on the data received, to tell a person how to get an optimal night’s sleep, as well as a smart alarm clock that can be programmed only to wake a person up during light sleep.

CEO Lasse Leppäkorpi told The Telegraph:

You spend one-third of your life in bed but people know very little about how they actually sleep. Most of us think that we know how we sleep — that we sleep well or that we sleep poorly. But it’s often a surprise.

Though Beddit Pro is currently being used in hospitals and for professional athletes, that version retails at $669. The company is now looking for funding on Indiegogo to get the consumer version to market. It will retail for $149, with Indiegogo funders receiving a 30% discount, and getting their Beddit for $99. The first shipment is planned for November of this year.


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