Service Connects Community Members With Helping Hands [Future Of Home Living]

Service Connects Community Members With Helping Hands [Future Of Home Living]

Sharetribe creates a person-to-person marketplace in the local community.

  • 4 august 2013

A June 2013 position paper from the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders taskforce found that “cities that can take advantage of platforms available for collaborative consumption will tap into vast new opportunities to create jobs, attract talent, promote local investment and community-building and offer a healthier place to live.”

Person-to-person services are enabling individuals to tap into the valuable skills and availability of people within a community to help accomplish personal tasks and errands. As we see in the trend we are calling Community Outsourcing identified in PSFK Labs’ Future of Home Living report, these cooperative networks are built on mutually beneficial relationships and exchanges, helping people manage cumbersome or last minute aspects of their lives when they don’t have the time, energy or knowledge to do it on their own, often at little or no cost.


The Finland-based virtual sharing space Sharetribe reflects the paper’s position. Sharetribe lets you create a person-to-person marketplace where people can share goods and services in a local, trusted environment. The platform helps local communities create their own ‘tribe’ for free within a university campus, company, or neighborhood, and have their own site for sharing goods, services, rides and spaces. The platform works to enable lending, renting, giving and selling items, allowing users to help others out in various ways using their time, skills and knowledge to give and get help when needed; from taking a neighbor’s dog on a walk to helping a colleague with their computer issues.

Such collaborative sharing platforms “are actually helping all of us to enter a world of entrepreneurial interaction in a way that is so democratic,” commented Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, New Jersey.

Communities like Sharetribe fall under a larger theme we’re calling On Demand, which points to networks and systems are growing to help city residents enjoy their lives on their terms and at the speed they want.


PSFK has announced the latest in a series of trend reports. Following studies into retailsocial mediagamingwork and mobile, the PSFK Labs consulting team have generated the Future of Home Living report. That report manifests as a free summary presentation, an in-depth downloadable PDF and an exhibition in New York City that runs to August 16.

RSVP below to take a tour of the exhibition at 101W15th.


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