Why Smart TVs Are More Entertaining [Future Of Home Living]

Why Smart TVs Are More Entertaining [Future Of Home Living]

PSFK chats with Mark Viken of Sharp Electronics about what he believes will be the defining trends in the home of the future.

Laura Chase
  • 25 august 2013

PSFK’The Future of Home Living report showcased tomorrow’s ideas and innovations in modern urban life offering an unparalleled glimpse into the lifestyle of the ultimate, modern-day New Yorker. The exhibit received thousands of visitors and showcased a carefully curated collection of products, services and concepts that are a demonstration of the trends in the Future of Home Living report.

Sharp caught our attention as an innovative market leader in the Ultra HD SmartTV market. Sharp’s appliances and business products are among the industry’s most energy efficient, the company being a leader in solar cell production. Furthermore, all Sharp factories are working to eliminate environmental waste and greenhouse gases.

PSFK spoke with Mark Viken, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Sharp Electronics about the trends in home entertainment.

What are the big technology shifts that will change the way entertainment and information will be shared throughout the home?

 The rise of network enabled devices, from TVs to thermostats to garage door openers, along with the penetration of intuitive smart phones and tablets, has been game changing for consumers looking to create a connected home. The applications and user interfaces have become integrated and easier to navigate. Getting content from the cloud or local storage within the home is now a regular part of the lean back viewing experience.Consumers are also increasingly expecting high-quality content to be delivered on demand via their preferred device. Online content in High Resolution sent to any display device is now a reality. They want the ability to watch any show or movie wherever and whenever they choose, and they want to use their tablet or smart phone to send what they are watching to their high resolution big screen. It’s something we think about very carefully when we are designing our Smart TVs.


What do you see as the next big trend(s) urban living and why is this important?

Maximizing the use of smaller spaces is increasingly important. A small space does not mean giving up big, high-quality entertainment when it’s time to relax.

What are three things (products, services, interior design solutions etc.) you’d put in your perfect home or apartment?

A large screen TV mounted on a wall fits into nearly any space. HD and 4K Ultra HD thin panel picture technology allows sitting as close as you want and being immersed in the power of great content. I’d also say a perfect home or apartment would have a streaming video service offering endless content options.  And, already in most homes, a smart phone to find exactly what you want to watch.

Images courtesy of Sharp and  The Aquos TV featured in the The Future of Home Living Exhibit

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