Music Composed From Shattered Records Reveals Fans’ Reactions [Video]

Music Composed From Shattered Records Reveals Fans’ Reactions [Video]

Project Bootleg produced tracks made from the sound of scratched records that were placed on concert hall floors.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 30 august 2013

Created by musician Daniel Freitag and Manuel Urbanke and Maximilian Hoch of the creative team Ma-Ma, Project Bootleg is a different sort of live recording made by an unknowing live show audience.

Empty vinyls that were recorded with silence were taped to the floor of a concert hall before the start of the show. During the live show, the audience unknowingly stepped and danced on the vinyl records. The scratched records were retrieved after the concerts and the sounds they made with a record player were mixed and turned into original tracks.

Project Bootleg recorded concerts by artists Die Antwoord, Gold Panda, The Roots, Apparat, and Deadmau5. You can listen to the first two tracks on the Ma Ma website.


Watch the video of the making of Project Bootleg below.

Ma Ma


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