Shipping Containers Upcycled To Create Animal Shelter

Shipping Containers Upcycled To Create Animal Shelter

Colectivo Revark and the Practivistas Dominicana Program designed the sustainable animal refuge in Santo Domingo.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 august 2013

Designed and created through a collaboration of architectural group Colectivo Revark and the Practivistas Dominicana ProgramGhetto2Garden in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic is a multi-level animal shelter made from recycled materials such as shipping pallets, used tires, plastic tanks, and plywood.

The project was initially developed to shelter 40 dogs and 6 cats, and the plans for the shelter included solar and wind power generators, a rain harvesting system, and a biodigester for organic waste recycling. Currently the shelter houses 50 dogs and 10 cats that were rescued from the streets.

The kennels or individual shelters for the animals are made of recycled materials like the empty plastic cube tanks. The collaborators also transformed liquid shipping containers into renewable energy systems that also function as rooms for the animals.

The containers were encased in a metal grid, fitted with solar panels and a control system, and have a space where the animals can rest.




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