Singing Psychedelic Flowers Light Up City Streets [Pics]

Singing Psychedelic Flowers Light Up City Streets [Pics]
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Artist Dan Corson's Sonic Bloom flowers stand 40 feet high and hum when people are near.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 august 2013

Artist Dan Corson is known for creating striking street installations that can only come from an artist’s imagination. In Portland he showcased his talent for atypical designs and concepts with the solar-powered carnivorous plant street lamps.

His latest project are also street lights shaped like flowers, but this time they are 40-feet tall, come in psychedelic designs, and they sing, too, when people are nearby.


Called Sonic Bloom, the street lights were commissioned by the Pacific Science Center in Seattle and are a permanent interactive installation at the foot of the Seattle Space Needle.

During the day the giant flower lights absorb solar energy and then at night the patterned LEDs glow.

The flowers are also fitted with sensors and an interactive sound system. Each flower sings a different series of notes when the sensors detect movement nearby, so when all five flowers are activated they all seem to sing a chorus.

View more photos of the installation below.


Dan Corson


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