Game Challenges Players To Throw Phones Into The Air

Game Challenges Players To Throw Phones Into The Air

S.M.T.H (Send Me To Heaven) is an Android app that measures what height the phone reaches and uploads the score to a leaderboard.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 august 2013

S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven) is described as a “sport game” for Android phones that requires players to throw their device as high as possible and catch it. The app measures the height the phone flies from the player’s hand and this score can be uploaded to a leaderboard.

Destructive Game Challenges Players To Throw Their Phones Into The Air

Players can check the results of others to see how well they’ve done and view lists showing the World Top 10, Week Top 10 and Day Top 10. Before throwing their phone into the air, players have to agree to a disclaimer that states they understand playing S.M.T.H. is entirely at their own risk and the app’s author won’t be liable for any damages or injuries.

A useful warning on Google Play notes that “Throwing a smartphone high into the air may result in both damage to the smartphone, property and/or personal injury.” You can check out an S.M.T.H. attempt in the video below:


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