Familiar Social And Web Tools Turned Into Manga Characters [Pics]

Familiar Social And Web Tools Turned Into Manga Characters [Pics]

Digital artists uses Photoshop to create these animated versions of popular software.

Ross Brooks
  • 27 august 2013

Most of us have our favorite web tools that we like to use on a regular basis – but even if we have developed some kind of a relationship with them, it can be hard to relate to them based simply on a logo.

Jon Lock is a digital artist that likes to draw “creepy and pretty” things, but in this case he has given a whole host of web services such as YouTube, Instagram, and DeviantArt, their own animated persona.


Using nothing more than Photoshop CS6, default digital brushes and those he found for free using Google, the artist has managed to bring these web tool to life.

Each character has their own unique features that identify them for what they are – this ranges from the company logo, through to color schemes and accessories.

See them for yourself in the gallery below:

Jon Lock


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