Mashable created a series of illustrations that show popular action figure's costs of living today compared to when they first started their careers.

Ordinary mortals may not realize that being a superhero is hard work, and it's expensive to boot. Brooklyn-based graphic designer Emil Lendof and New York City-based illustrator Bob Al-Greene collaborated on a series of infographics that detail just how inflation has raised the price of life for superheros, many who used to get their gadgets for pennies.

Designed for Mashable, and sponsored by Samsung, the infographics compare how much The Wolverine, The Hulk, Superman, Batman and Spidey paid for their suits, transport and weapons back when they first started as opposed to now. Superman seems to have the cheapest career, spending a paltry $29, 434 to save the day in 2013 as opposed to The Wolverine's $23.5 million lifestyle.

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