Apocalyptic Survival Kit Uses Plant Life To Create Oxygen [Pics]

Apocalyptic Survival Kit Uses Plant Life To Create Oxygen [Pics]
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Voyage On The Planet by Chiu Chih is a breathable backpack designed to sustain life in a future world.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 19 august 2013

The future state of the planet has always been a source of fascination and people from all areas of study or interest have created or painted their own vision of what the world will be like when earth’s resources are depleted and cities are demolished.

Designer Chiu Chih shares her own vision of the apocalyptic future with her project Voyage On The Planet. The designer created a survival kit in the form of a backpack that contains a plant, which provides the wearer with breathable air.



The project explores the uncertainty of the future, the ever-changing state of the world, and how people are forced to adapt to the changes. The project also takes a look at the importance of the survival  of man when all the earth’s resources are gone.

Voyage On The Planet was an entry at this year’s DMY Berlin.

View more images of the project below.


DMY Berlin

Images by Chiu Chih


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