Stitched-Together Restaurant Inspired By Sewing [Pics]

Stitched-Together Restaurant Inspired By Sewing [Pics]
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Designed by Karina Wiciak, Szwalnia has surfaces that look sewn together with dashed black lines.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 13 august 2013

The design of fantasy restaurant Szwalnia by Polish Wamhouse designer Karina Wiciak is inspired by sewing and tailoring.

Szwalnia means ‘sewing room’ in Polish and the design reflects its name and inspiration. The interior has a white background and overlapping surfaces accentuated along the edges with dashed black lines that appear like thread lines, making the surfaces look as if they were sewn together.



The design also includes hanging cloths instead of partition walls and large tailor pins as decors and functional elements like backrests and hocker legs. Poufs resembling pincushions and lamps that look like tassels also adorn the space.

Szwalnia is the eighth part in a twelve-part collection of thematic interiors called XII. The series features fantasy interior designs by Wiciak.

Karina Wiciak


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