UK Male Cancer Awareness Campaign wants to launch a gonad-shaped hot air balloon to get men talking about cancer.

There is an assumption that many men do not like to talk about their health, particularly their health down there. The U.K.’s Male Cancer Awareness Campaign wants to get guys talking about testicular cancer because it is a highly curable disease if caught early. To advocate cancer awareness, the group has partnered with Irish actor Chris O’Dowd in an Indiegogo campaign to raise enough money for ‘SkyBalls,’ a hot air balloon shaped like testicles.

The scrotum-shaped balloon is the ‘ultimate awareness tool,’ reads the campaign, and will last the group 10 years for many a flight to get people talking about testicular cancer. The £100,000 balloon will have #CheckYourBalls hashtag to encourage men to think about their scrotal health and get them talking about it with one another. Crass it may be, but the balloon would put a stigmatic subject in plain view, flying high in the UK skies.

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