UPS Offers In-Store 3D-Printers For Small Businesses [Video]

UPS Offers In-Store 3D-Printers For Small Businesses [Video]

Printing prototypes, promotional materials, and artistic pieces just got more affordable

Ross Brooks
  • 1 august 2013

UPS are following in the footsteps of other big brands such as Staples by offering in-store 3D printing facilities. The move is an attempt to help startups, small businesses, and everyday customers who can’t afford to buy their own.

The printers available are the Stratasys Uprint SE Plus model, a machine that costs $20,900 when bundled with a starter kit. Compared with many of the desktop varieties that people can buy, these printers are professional grade, capable of printing much higher quality.


Launching in their San Diego store first, and then six more shortly afterwards, the company expects users of the 3D printers to produce prototypes, custom objects, promotional materials and artistic work.

There is currently no news on how the service will be set up in terms of payment and reserving a time-slot, nor whether printers will be made available in other stores around the country. Depending on the success of this pilot, it might not be long before you can print high-quality 3D objects at your local store.


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