Bike Helmet Features Built-In HD Video Camera

Bike Helmet Features Built-In HD Video Camera
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Bult Helmets are the next evolution in first-person action sport filming. No attachments, no home-made rigs, just press and go.

Laura Chase
  • 7 august 2013

Athletes and action sports amateurs around the world are becoming videographers — capturing and sharing videos of their last stunts on the internet. We’ve had our fair share of action cams attached to your helmet that make you look awkward as well as setting riders off balance with the unwanted additional weight of the machinery. The new BULT Helmet is the first fully integrated action sports video helmet in the market. It makes recording, downloading and sharing high quality video easier, more accessible and affordable. It’s ideal for those who want to capture high definition footage of their adventures from skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding to bike tricks, making recording as simple as pushing a button.

Inside BULT helmets is C-Preme’s videohead technology. It’s intuitive camera functionality boasts a 100° wide angle lens, 5 megapixel still camera resolution, and 640 x 480 recording resolution at 30 FPS. In addition, you can capture and store up to 30 minutes of footage on its built-in 2G Micro SD card which allows you to download and share your high-quality videos in a jiffy.

Action sport and skateboard icon Trevor Jacob is one of the ambassadors of the brand:

BULT is a better way to shoot – there’s no extra weight and nothing extending off your helmet that could get in the way. It’s like the camera is a natural part of your body

BULT helmets will be available at action sports retailers, such as Jacks Surfboards, Val Surf and Surfside Sports, in a range of styles starting August 5. They are also available online 


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Detailed explanation of the mechanism :


See through the lens of BULT:

BULT Helmet 

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