Vintage Trailer Transformed Into Mini Mobile Hotel

Vintage Trailer Transformed Into Mini Mobile Hotel

A retro camper could be the perfect accommodation for trips into the American wilderness.

Kyana Gordon
  • 7 august 2013

City dwellers often need a break from the hustle, and what better way to relax than to take an epic road trip with a vintage camper in tow. Thanks to New York area based, Goodness Travels, you too can hitch up ‘Honey,’ a stylish 60s trailer and set off for the Catskills, Appalachian Mountains, or the woods of Maine. Founded by a husband and wife duo hoping to spread their love of “tiny homes-on-wheels,” this recently restored mobile hotel is charming yet full of utility. For such a small space, this little beauty comes equipped with two beds, heat, air conditioning, a small kitchen, and all-around cozy modern interior.


Honey sleeps two adults or “four very close friends” comfortably, and rates begin at just $104 a night. Currently, there is just one one trailer in the fleet, but plans for expansion are coming in the near future. Goodness Travels seems like the perfect option for those looking for some adventure outside the city limits. Be sure to check out the photo gallery below for inspiration for your next weekend getaway.


Goodness Travels


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