Warhol-Inspired Satellite Shoots Art Into Orbit

Warhol-Inspired Satellite Shoots Art Into Orbit
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Clyde Space is getting ready to launch an art-covered satellite into space.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 august 2013

Scotland-based company Clyde Space Ltd is getting ready to launch the first satellite that doubles as an art installation into space in October.

The artsy satellite was created with the help of Jon Gibson and Amanda White of iam8bit. The satellite has an Andy Warhol-inspired design on the outer panel. The design makes the satellite look like a large electrical charger.

The team first used computer generated imagery to create the design and make the satellite look like a charging device. Their next challenge was figuring out a way to put the design on an object that would be fired into space. They had to make sure the artwork would be able to withstand the conditions of being launched into space and being in space. They also had to make sure the materials used won’t be detrimental to the actual function of the satellite.


In an article on Associated Press, Clyde Space CEO Craig Clark expressed that by doing something creative like space art might make kids more interested in space.

Aside from being an art work in space, the satellite will be monitoring atmospheric conditions and sending information and images back to Earth. Clyde Space is preparing to launch the satellite from Kazakhstan on October 29.


Associated Press

Images via iam8bit


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