Wind-Powered Solar Building Flies In The Air

Wind-Powered Solar Building Flies In The Air

Powered by wind and solar energy, this pryramid shaped sculpture defies gravity and reinvents the architectural landscape.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 16 august 2013

Visionary artist Tomas Saraceno has built a flying sculpture that is purely fueled by wind and solar energy. Saraceno built the Solar Bell in hopes of creating architectural structures that defy gravity by hovering mid-air like observation towers. His utopian idea of building whole cities that could exist in the clouds is executed in his project, Cloud City.


The structure looks like a three dimensional pyramid that is made from paper thin solar panels and light-weight materials like carbon fiber tubing. The structure is sustainably built, keeping waste to the minimum and cutting out superfluous structural components. The three dimensional structure is lifted into the air by wind and powered by solar energy. Saraceno drew inspiration from Alexander Bell’s model of a modular tetrahedron that was used to investigate the field of aviation.

In relation to his conecpt of air borne structures, Saraceno says,

With the ability to float, the traditional boundaries will be crossed between earth and space, between art, architecture and science.

The Solar Bell was built as Saraceno’s vision for the expansion of the port of Rotterdam that involved a series artworks that asked artists to re-imagine the landscape of the port. Saraceno’s floating pyramid  structure will be demonstrated to the public throughout August in Rotterdam.

Check out images of the Solar Bell below:

Solar Bell

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