Wine Bottles Teach Aspiring Sommeliers The Basics

Wine Bottles Teach Aspiring Sommeliers The Basics

Wines For Dummies takes the pressure and anxiety out of choosing a perfect bottle to go with a meal.

Ross Brooks
  • 6 august 2013

Drinking wine sounds simple enough, but when it comes to choosing a bottle, things can be a little overwhelming. With so many different varieties, all of which have their own subtle textures and aromas, one brand aims to simplify things – Wines For Dummies.

Unlike the book of a similar name, this is actually a range of wines that you can buy and drink, catered specifically for those who don’t consider themselves “wine snobs.”

It can also mean saving a few hours trudging up and down the wine aisle trying to find the perfect bottle of wine to go with your dinner, even if you don’t really know what you’re looking at.

Wines For Dummies offers suggestions on what pairs well with each bottle on the back of the label. Or, if diners are looking for a certain flavor, the labels offer a very clear and basic explanation of what to expect inside the bottle.


This particular wine even deals with the problem of pronunciation. If you’ve ever tried to pronounce the name of a wine, only to be met with a snigger from the waiter, you’ll be happy to hear that each bottle of wine in the range includes a phonetic pronunciation guide on the front label.

Regardless of experience or budget, Wines For Dummies takes the complication, anxiety, and snobbery out of buying a bottle of wine.


Wines For Dummies

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