3D Maps Help Brands Visualize Where Their Customers Hang Out [Pics]

3D Maps Help Brands Visualize Where Their Customers Hang Out [Pics]

Placed builds visual 3D maps for advertisers and businesses to know where their customers are based on their cell phone signals.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 24 september 2013

Mobile location analytics company Placed creates visual three-dimensional maps of the locations of the customers of specific brands and advertisers based on their cell phone signals.

Placed builds the maps from information provided by more than a hundred thousand panelists who opted in by installing a mobile app that measures their location. The users also provide demographics and answer survey questions. In exchange for participating and allowing their locations to be tracked via GPS, the panelists get shopping incentives.

Placed uses these data to give their clients insights on the behavior and preferences of their customers. The 3D maps provide businesses with new insights on how to target their customers based on their ‘popular’ locations when they are outside of the brand’s stores.


View more images of 3D maps by Placed in the gallery below.



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