Abandoned School Shots Explore Instagram’s Journalistic Power Pics]

Abandoned School Shots Explore Instagram’s Journalistic Power Pics]
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Chicago Tribune photographer Brian Cassella took photos on the social network of schools that were closed down this year to draw attention to this issue.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 4 september 2013

This year Chicago’s Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, closed down around 50 public schools due to budget cuts.

While students returned to school last August 26th, Chicago Tribune photojournalist Brian Cassella visited 38 of the schools and took Instagram photos of the empty school buildings and yards.



Cassella focused on two things as he went on his Instagramming spree: signs that teachers and students left behind and the architecture of the empty buildings.

It took Cassella around 12 hours to visit the 38 schools. Since he used his smartphone to take pictures, he was able to take photos of the school interiors as well.

Click here to find more of Cassella’s Instagram photos.

Chicago Tribune

Images by Brian Cassella


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