8 Stories You Need To Know Today

8 Stories You Need To Know Today

Online auctions for business class seats in airplanes, 3-D camera that detects emotions and Apple upgrading screens to 6 inches.

Laura Chase
  • 9 september 2013

Airlines that offer passengers an online auction for business class seats. CNN

Minchizu  features custom map showing geotagged photos.  The Next Web

The European Union produces 22 percent of the app products worldwide. Business Insider

Lady Gaga’s latest single was the 10 billionth tag on Shazam. The Guardian

Elon Musk shows off his Iron Man inspired 3-D modeling setup. Tech Crunch

Intel to detect 3-D camera that deciphers emotions. Al Monitor

Apple planning to upgrade screens from 4,8 to 6 inches. The Wall Street Journal

Google to launch Chrome app that works offline. The New York Times

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