Toolkit Transforms Whiteboard Sketches Into Functioning Apps [Video]

Toolkit Transforms Whiteboard Sketches Into Functioning Apps [Video]

An app that digitizes preliminary sketches into manipulatable prototypes.

Serena Chu
  • 19 september 2013

How would you like to turn your sketches into functioning prototypes? AppSeed lets you do just that. The app enables designers and developers to create prototypes faster and more easily by directly transmitting drawings from paper to phone; it uses computer vision to crop and isolate each image. Once the images are isolated, users can then alter or designate specific functions to it. Looking to find an easier way for developers, AppSeed allows for simple manipulation and modification of digitized sketches.

app seed 3

AppSeed allows users to run and share prototypes on mobile devices, to transmit designs to Photoshop shop, and to set up interface widgets, such as buttons, maps, and in form text input.

The idea is still in the developmental stages, and is currently asking the Kickstarter audience for support.

Here is the video explaing how the app works:


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