Animated Comic Books Offer A New Role For The GIF [Pics]

Animated Comic Books Offer A New Role For The GIF [Pics]
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French animator brings his twisted tales to life with the help of animation.

Ross Brooks
  • 17 september 2013

GIFs can already be considered a versatile medium of the internet, and have been used in the purely practical sense to illustrate how something works, as well as the purely playful to create hilarious memes and amusing animations. Now, one animator wants to use them to tell a story without having to resort to more complicated forms of animation.

Stephen Vuillemin is a French animator based in London, no stranger to GIFs, he has done illustration and animation work for outlets like The New York Times and The Atlantic. His latest instalment is an animated comic called Schoolgirls, which loosely follows a young Parisienne girl who becomes amnesic after experiencing a serious ear infection.


The animator believes illustrations should tell a story even without animation, but it’s clear that the dynamic element that comes from converting his work into GIFs adds an extra something special. While the artists uses this animation technique like a pro, there is also a lot of possibility for those less experienced illustrators to learn a lesson or two from experimenting with GIFs.

If you’re keen to explore the twisted world of Vuillemin’s comics further, be sure to take a look through the gallery below:

Stephen Vuillemin

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