Artist Projection Maps Everyday Objects [Video]

Artist Projection Maps Everyday Objects [Video]

A messy bedroom and dirty sink are transformed into futuristic pieces of art.

Lara Piras
  • 6 september 2013

Artist and part-time design teacher Akihiko Taniguchi‘s work includes installations, performance art and video using self-built devices and software.

Taniguchi’s latest project, as opposed to using traditional sharing methods such as Instagram or Facebook, digitizes everyday objects in 3D using a Kinect creating a digital catalog of everyday events. The events he chooses to cover include everyday foods such as noodles and fruit and everyday routines such as cooking and sleeping. Transforming these actions that come so naturally to us into both a 3D-mapped object and thus a piece of art takes them out of their context and making the viewer think about them in a different light.


Taniguchi is part of a collective of enthusiasts called the Internet Reality Study Group. Their focus is on “post Internet art originating in present-day network environments generated in a world in which the Internet has become an everyday matter, and reality is being subsumed in the world of information.” They continue to create strong, innovative work that endeavors to offer a preview of future developments of the Internet in connection with art.

For his 3D project, Tanaguchi has also 3D mapped his own Internet browsing in real time which portrays him browsing himself in the real world browsing the web through a computer completely disconnecting the virtual and the real.

Check out the video below for a dip into Taniguchi’s 3D world:

Akihiko Taniguchi

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