Artist And Her Toddler Create Unexpected Works Of Art

Artist And Her Toddler Create Unexpected Works Of Art
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A four year old and professional illustrator combine their talents in this mother-daughter collaboration.

Kristen Nozell
  • 5 september 2013

Professional illustrator and graphic designer Mica Angela Hendricks recently acquired a new collaborator when she reluctantly gave in to her four year old daughter Myla’s request to add to her half-finished sketch in a brand new notebook. The happy accident resulted in a continued collaborative effort that has led to a full series of whimsical prints (currently available on Society 6) in which Hendricks contributes the sketched faces and her daughter completes the drawings, adding bodies and backgrounds. Hendricks then finishes off the pieces using acrylics.

Not only has the artistic partnership resulted in beautiful art, but it also reminded Hendricks of the importance of letting go of the inhibitions we develop as adults. On her blog, Hendricks reflects on the process, saying ‘I should know that in most instances, kids’ imaginations way outweigh a grownup’s, and it always ALWAYS looked better that what I had imagined.  ALWAYS.’

Mica Angela Hendricks


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