Audio Sensing Headset Creates A Better Virtual Reality For Users

Audio Sensing Headset Creates A Better Virtual Reality For Users

New technology delivers a better augmented reality experience and new ways to entertain and educate.

Serena Chu
  • 16 september 2013

Intelligent Headset reintroduces the way we think of augmented sound and space. The headset aims to duplicate an environment that is both realistic and stimulating. Incorporating 3D audio, GPS, and head tracking, the Intelligent Headset sets to immerse the user into an alternative reality, different in every aspect.


Depending on your location, the headphones will introduce an array of different sounds for the wearer because the sensors incorporated into the headphone make it location-aware and sensitive to the surroundings. Instead of using images and other visual elements, this device utilizes audio to generate augmented reality scenarios, allowing the wearer to explore different dimensions with specially programmed apps.


With further development, the device could potentially benefit visually impaired individuals by offering them 3D audio cues related to their proximity to various elements, which can better improve their mobility. DThe ability to deliver educational and tourist content are anticipated uses for the Intelligent Headset. For those extreme gamers, the Intelligent Headset could also mean more realistic game simulations in real environments.

Intelligent Headset

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