Indie Designers Transform Bathroom Faucets Into Wearable Jewelry [Video]

Indie Designers Transform Bathroom Faucets Into Wearable Jewelry [Video]

Moen creates a line of necklaces made from their hardware to highlight the aesthetic quality of their product.

Serena Chu
  • 18 september 2013

Home-hardware company Moen introduced a new line of couture faucet jewelry. Moen believes in making “statement pieces” out of its faucets because the company envisioned faucets as the jewelry of household bathrooms. The idea might sound bizarre, however Moen teamed up with the Martin Agency to recreate their stylish hardware into designer necklaces. Faucet-inspired pendants will be given away at Moen’s industry events as a way of promoting their products.


Notable jewelry designers from around the world were invited to take part in the project. Artisans Gina Pankowski and Sarah Loertscher from Seattle, along with Andrea Blias from Calgary, Alberta were asked to craft six necklaces that would be featured in TV and print ads for Moen. A combination of techniques went into crafting these necklaces, such as laser cutting and 3D designing.

Martin Agency explained the ad campaign is a way to market the goals of Moan:

 Moen’s puts thoughtful design into all its products, it showed such a parallel to the way jewelry designers work.

The ad campaign provides Moen the flexibility to cross international market borders, expanding it to India, China, Mexico, and anywhere in need of a faucet.

See how the inspiration took root:



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