Beer-Paired Sausages Recreate The Fine Dining Experience At Home

Beer-Paired Sausages Recreate The Fine Dining Experience At Home

Craft brewery creates its own pork delights to go along with every kind of ale imaginable.

Ross Brooks
  • 13 september 2013

Dogfish Head Brewery have teamed up with Coleman Natural Foods to create a line of specialized sausages that go perfectly with their carefully crafted selection of beers. There is no need to even leave the house for you to enjoy a good ale, along with a sausage designed to complement it perfectly.

Select gourmet stores in the Northeast will carry Dogfish Head–branded sausages, including flavors like Spicy Espresso and Heirloom Italian, each flavored with beer reduction. Each pack of sausages will come with an ale recommendation to go along with it. So, for example, if you decide on Greek Feta Chicken Brats (infused with actual Midas Touch beer) and flip over the pack, you wil see two pairing suggestions: a Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale or a Burton Baton IPA.


Just listen to this description from Mark Wilson over at FastCoDesign and try not to drool too much:

I bite into a perfectly cooked bratwurst, but I don’t taste bratwurst. I taste honey and apricots–maybe even the hint of a saison. And as I follow the bit up with a swig of an oak-aged IPA, I can taste as the sweetness of the pork transitions seamlessly to vanilla and then to hops, a continuum of flavor that makes me appreciate both entities anew.

If you live in the Northeast, keep an eye out for these sausages, they will probably be the next revelation to hit the craft brewing industry.


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