Bluetooth Cooking Scale Analyzes The Nutrition Of Food Being Weighed

Bluetooth Cooking Scale Analyzes The Nutrition Of Food Being Weighed

Technology makes it easier to figure out the best, and worst foods that are making it into your diet.

Ross Brooks
  • 13 september 2013

First there was a microwave that knows how long to cook your food for, now there is a set of scales that can tell you the nutritional mix of the food you are about to prepare. The device is made by Orange Chef, and goes by the name of Prep Pad, an innovation that could change the way people look at healthy eating.

The Prep Pad consists of an aluminium frame topped off with a paper composite surface that can be hygienically wiped down. Apart from a kitchen-friendly exterior, the device is equipped with a weight sensor that’s accurate +/-1gram, a microcontroller and Bluetooth LE connectivity.

These features allow users to specify what foodstuff/liquid they are weighing in the app by manually selecting it within the app, scanning a product barcode, or using the voice-capture feature. The app will then tell you how nutritional your chosen combination of ingredients is using a visualization in the form of a pie chart.


Countertop, the name of the app, also displays a balance score (out of 100), along with the total calories per meal. The balance score changes for each user depending on how they answered questions about their exercise level and health goals when they set the app up.

It’s easy to drop out a particular ingredient as well, meaning users can quickly get to grips with what is making their meal so healthy, or unhealthy, and adapt accordingly. Saving recipes is easy as well, making it possible to save a certain recipe that offers all your nutritional needs for another day – or share it with a friend.


The company has got to where it is in record time after launching a Kickstarter to raise $50,000 earlier this year, and racing through the development process. They aren’t done either, with plans to keep connecting the kitchen until there is no stone left unturned.

Prep Pad


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