Boutique Hotel Offers Rooms In Historical Bauhaus Studios

Boutique Hotel Offers Rooms In Historical Bauhaus Studios
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Spend a night in the dorms that housed some of the world's greatest architectural talent.

Ross Brooks
  • 27 september 2013

The Bauhaus school founded by Wolter Gropius in Germany has recently converted one of its old studio buildings into a dorm-style boutique hotel. It used to be home to junior masters and promising students such as Josef Albers, Hannes Meyer, and Gertrud Arndt, but now can be enjoyed by members of the public with a taste for architectural history.

Completed in 1926, there were originally 28 studio flats measuring about 24 square meters each. These days you can choose from one of 20 different rooms, some featuring Marcel Breuer’s steel tube furniture, and others available in late October that will bear the hallmarks of some of the famous names that lived there.


Examples include a Josef Albers room, with replicas of a bed, a table and a cupboard the artist made while living there, or a room dedicated to the architect Franz Ehrlich, with pieces he created for the German Democratic Republic in the 1950s.

Prices through the week are €35 (approx. $47) for a single room, and €55 (approx. $74) EUR for a double. Living just like those in the Bauhaus days also means using communal showers and restrooms situated in the hallway.




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