Calorie-Tracking Desk Joins The Quantified Self Movement [Pics]

Calorie-Tracking Desk Joins The Quantified Self Movement [Pics]
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The Stir Kinetic Desk rises and falls at the tap of a screen to allow the user to sit or stand while working.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 27 september 2013

Most of us spend several hours a day sitting at our workstations or desks, which is why the creators of the Stir Kinetic Desk decided to re-imagine the work desk as something that can inspire, entertain, and even be beneficial to the user’s health.

The Stir Kinetic Desk is a desk that can adjust its height to allow the user to sit or stand as he or she pleases. The desk can be controlled via the mini touchscreen set into its surface. Users can pre-set their sitting and standing heights and standing goals for the day. A simple tap or double tap on the screen activates the motors that moves the legs of the table to adjust to the user’s preferred height.



The desk can sense when the user arrives and can even track the user’s standing time and calories burned. The desk can also learn the user’s preferences and patterns. The Whisperbreath feature moves the desk an inch higher or lower to remind the user to shift position. The Stir Kinetic Desk is also equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi technology so users can sync with wellness and fitness apps.

The desk is designed to help people stay active throughout the day. Interested folks can order the Stir Kinetic Desk from the website for just under $3,900.



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