Choose-Your-Own-Adventures City Maps Bring Fictional Narratives To Everyday Life

Choose-Your-Own-Adventures City Maps Bring Fictional Narratives To Everyday Life

A new concept app offers real life options to people in their everyday lives to allow them to act out various fantasies.

Serena Chu
  • 24 september 2013

Life is all about living a thrilling adventure and exploring uncharted territories (around your neighborhood). Emily Craven wants people to find new excitements in their lives by hiring a group of award-winning writers to write that excitement straight into your life. Her Choose Your Adventure project is an atypical way to map out our lives – for a short while at least.

Craven is looking to establish a publishing company that will write real life choose-your-own-adventures (CYOA) in her readers’ cities. This quirky initiative was inspired by those CYOA books we all came across during our childhoods. Instead of reading about them, we can now live them through maps and QR codes.

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The adventure begins as soon as you download the map and the QR code App onto your mobile device. Every map you download will feature a series of QR codes that you can scan to discover different storyline options; different codes will take you to different places on the map. During your journey, you will discover hidden secrets and crevices of your city, while solving mysteries or escaping alien invasions.

Craven is committed to putting together a notable team of adventure writers – more funding will lead to more authors writing more adventures in cities around the world. Currently, her project is showcased on Pozible, which is a crowdfunding site that connects thousands of inventive individuals. Choose Your Adventure is a new form of entertainment that thrives on our thrill seeking desires.

Choose Your Adventure

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