Cloud-Shaped Changing Room Expands And Contracts To Fit Shoppers

Cloud-Shaped Changing Room Expands And Contracts To Fit Shoppers

World Basics' pop-up store features an expandable space that zips up into life-size cocoon.

Serena Chu
  • 16 september 2013

Schemata Architects created a pop-up store for World Basics in Paris, transforming recyclable materials such as shipping crates and protective packaging into display units for merchandise – and a changing room.

Upon first impression, the expandable changing room designed might seem like something that belongs in Alien vs. Predator, but with closer inspection it is actually a very strategic manipulation of free space. This cocoon-like fitting room gives customers a comfortable amount of space to try on clothes, as well as a greater sense of privacy. When zipped-up, the fitting room encapsulates you in a spongey material that is translucent enough to let in the perfect amount of natural light.




Open until September 21, the World Basics’ pop-up shop welcomes consumers around Merci to check out the new line of apparel and accessories.

World Basics

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