Lamp Changes Colors Using Ink-Filled Syringes [Video]

Lamp Changes Colors Using Ink-Filled Syringes [Video]
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Arduino-powered light requires injections to display different colors of light.

Ross Brooks
  • 3 september 2013

Russian designer Taras Sgibnev has created a lamp that can change color in a very unique way. Instead of being controlled by a switch, there are a series of syringes, each containing a different colored ink that when injected, changes the color of the lamp.

The “Color Injector,” as it is called, is made up of a Arduino micro-controller which is hooked up to red, green and blue LED lights.

Even though the syringes contain real ink, they are hooked up to the circuit board, and dangle from the lamp, providing a more involved way of changing the color of the LED lights by “injecting” the lamp with ink.


Check out this intriguing concept in the video below:

Colour Injector from Taras Sgibnev on Vimeo.

Taras Sgibnev

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